Sports Betting Bonuses and Promotions

Who doesn’t like free things?! If you don’t actually like free things, you’re probably not going to find much value in this guide. For all those of you that are not crazy and do enjoy freebies, you’re going to have quite a bit of useful knowledge from this manual. You see, the sports betting industry is a highly competitive industry where all of the online sportsbooks are constantly battling each other to win your company.

What this means for you is that they’re going to be throwing a great deal of promotions, cash, and free stuff your way to attempt and win over your first business, as well as to keep your business over the long haul. What we’d like to do now will walk you through each one the different types of promotions, how they operate, how to learn about new promotions, and how to make certain that you’re taking advantage of everything that’s available for you. If you are prepared to find out how to receive free stuff and free money when you are making your sports bets, let us get started!

Promotions Versus Better Lines
Before we start discussing the different kinds of promotions, we need to be certain that you know something that is considerably more significant. Promotions and completely free money are fantastic. In fact, they’re awesome. However, you shouldn’t select a promotion over a greater line or payout odds on a bet. Winning your stakes will always be more valuable than any promotion we have ever seen offered.

For instance, when you’ve got the choice of betting at a single sportsbook where you are going to find some cash back for betting or betting at a sportsbook where you get an extra half point on a point spread, take the half stage 100% of the time. Promotions are great, however they need to always come second to better odds or payouts. You will feel very silly if you lose a $50 wager by half a point, but got a couple of bucks or a free hat instead.

We will not beat the dead horse here, but please, please, please always chase the better lines and the promotions second.
That being said, if you’ve got the option to wager in two places with the exact same line, take the freebies.

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