Premier League ‘committed’ to reducing plastic use as Friends of the Earth urge clubs to do more

Even the Premier League insists its nightclubs are”committed” to reducing single-use plastics at stadiums – but environmental group Friends of the Earth is urging them to do greater.
Together with BASIS (the British Association for Sustainable Sport), the environmental group is calling clubs to present a returnable cup scheme within their stadiums as part of a comprehensive set of steps.
FOTE estimates that approximately six million plastic beer cups may have been used from the Premier League last year , while cup approaches that are successful are operating in cricket and rugby venues.
A YouGov survey of UK soccer buffs, commissioned by FOTE and published in Friday, found that 84% agree Premier League clubs must guarantee removable or returnable cups can be employed in their stadiums, while 86% agree stadiums should eliminate single-use plastics such as straws, sachets and cutlery where possible.
Friends of the Earth plastic campaigner Julian Kirby explained:”Soccer clubs across the united kingdom should aim to be winners off the pitch, as well as about it, by giving single-use vinyl the boot.
“Fans want soccer clubs to do it on plastic. We are encouraged that a number of clubs have introduced measures – however we want every Premier and Football League club get what it could to eliminate unnecessary single-use plasticsheeting.
“This is the reason why we are calling clubs to embrace Friends of the Earth’s Plastic Pledge – and also commit to several measures that leading stadiums have already introduced.
“A searchable cup scheme is one of the critical measures clubs could take – that measure alone would prevent countless single-use plastic cups being landfilled or incinerated each season. We hope every football club is up to your cup.”
A Premier League spokesperson said:”The Premier League and also our teams are committed to increasing awareness throughout maturity. Through our work with Sky Ocean Rescue, we are inspiring fans throughout the planet decrease their consumption and to take favorable actions .
“Our teams are already working hard to execute change both internally, and externally with suppliers and contractors. A number of them are still exploring the viability of the own reusable cup roll-out have participate in the reusable cup trial, or are looking to other plastics and plastic cups. They’re approaching sustainability in ways that are various but are going to reduce plastics in a variety of regions of their business.
“They’re also working hard in their own communities, forcing environmental knowledge through education and social action projects like the Plastic Pollution Challenge, run in partnership with Sky Ocean Rescue this past calendar year, which tasked main school students with developing a pledge on how they’d reduce plastic waste into their schools and nearby locations.”
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