MMA & UFC Betting In Canada

Having emerged from the fringes of combat game, MMA and UFC are big business these days. Both have huge followings and the events which are staged can easily match boxing concerning their global audience.
The sportsbooks have quickly realised the potential of both UFC and MMA but what about Canada? What markets could Canadian bettors back and are there any national limitations about MMA and UFC betting?
Largest UFC / MMA Occasions To Bet On MMA & UFC Betting at CanadaFirstly, it’s important to understand that UFC and MMA technically would be the exact same entity and adhere to the same rules. UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship, is merely a branch of MMA — Mixed Martial Arts. We’ve seen this in other disciplines like boxing and wrestling where there are various governing bodies involved so anybody who has followed battle sports will already be very familiar with this type of formula.
UFC is based in Las Vegas and has up to now encouraged over 400 events. UFC 1 was the inaugural contest and this was held in Denver, Colorado, way back in 1993. Numerous editions are held annually and for its fighters involved, the UFC is the pinnacle of the game and it provides the names that they really want to win.
MMA & UFC Betting at CanadaBehind the UFC events, Bellator is thought of as the second biggest MMA event in the world. The very first Bellator was held in 2009 and ever since that time, there have been over 200 numbered events leading up to July 2018.
Like its UFC counterpart, Bellator provides multiple events each year and in 2017, there were no fewer than 22 editions between amounts 170 and 191. When there are slight MMA events held across the world throughout each calendar year, UFC and Bellator dominate the schedules and the vast majority of betting markets will probably be tied to every numbered edition.
Types Of MMA Bets
Anyone who has been involved in boxing markets will be knowledgeable about the kinds of markets out there for MMA fights. The most apparent of them is the right result for any bout with stakes available to get a triumph for either fighter or even a draw.
First thing to notice here is that a draw is very rare in MMA and due to this, bookmakers do not tend to offer bets on a connected fight. Therefore, for those backing the straight outcome, it’s a case of weighing up the qualities of the two fighters and deciding who will win.

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