Ruiz Jr vs Joshua II: Reflections from three-day media tour as Anthony Joshua met Andy Ruiz Jr

This is the calm before the storm. Andy Ruiz Jr and next time Anthony Joshua see each other they feel each other’s breath, hear each other’s heartbeats and every will step forward several inches.
Then, it is going to be time.
Are there clues concerning how the entire world championship rematch will play in the past week dash from Saudi Arabia?
Surely both men have cut figures to the week before their first battle, when Ruiz Jr triggered an almighty shock. Ruiz Jr, grateful for a chance and afterward a challenger plucked from nowhere, has eased into the fantastic life. His reappearance has witnessed where economy airlines sufficed him dress to match ice to his wrists and jets ferrying him. A Rolls-Royce begs for him straight home.
This time it can’t hide as many secrets although the smile that appeared at Joshua period remains on the face of Ruiz Jr.
“People are saying that I’m not focused because I purchased a tiny bit of jewellery, the stuff stuff I always wanted,” Ruiz Jr told Sky Sports at New York.
“I am still hungry, so I still want to prove people wrong.”
Former IBF, WBA and WBO winner Joshua was as dignified as you expect him to be considering the world had been traveling to overcome him.
The championship straps which were after his own sat precariously close to Joshua for 3 times in a row and, on Friday in London, he couldn’t resist grabbing them.
Joshua told Sky Sports:”People say,’you lost your names’. I say,’to lose something is never to get it back’.”
He has adopted the role of the hunter rather than the hunted for its first time because he defeated Charles Martin to become world champion and challenged.
“It’s a terrific mindset to have and you can’t lose that,” Joshua said. “The moment you lose it, you have got to breathe. You’ve got to be starving.
“I had a blip. We proceed. I am not bashful. No fear.”
He is saying the perfect things and, to be honest, has achieved since needing to create excuses at the immediate aftermath to losing to Ruiz Jr..
It’s strange while a competition shows off their Gucci coaches, literally purchased with the proceeds of knocking him out to watch Joshua in a tracksuit.
Nonetheless, it is fascinating to speculate how he will haul himself off the ground, as he did against four times and Wladimir Klitschko to put in a quick twist rematch.
“Shannon Briggs talks about the days he was down and out, and nobody believed .
“That’s where’let’s go champ’ comes in my own life right now,” he explained.
Ruiz Jr kidded us with the behave in New York City earlier this summer, a happy-go-lucky try-harder who asked to touch the tournament belts before the fight for a memento. Joshua, seduced from the act, allowed him has since admitted his regret.
In that sense this three-day media tour will benefit Joshua, who spent no time at the existence of his challenger prior to the first battle. This time he will study Ruiz Jr’s body language, his quirks and his eccentricities. Once fooled, twice shy.
“Ruiz Jr is composed but he will fight. He’s not a fake personality who puts on a persona,” Joshua said after three days into his firm.
“Sometimes the ones who are chilled and calm can bark back, and can definitely fight.”
This week was a reminder of fortunes. Andy Ruiz Senior was an celebrity, a guy who called his by’the Mexican Rocky’.
As the months and weeks go on, the intensity Joshua and will construct in his position since the challenger will emerge.

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