It’s Time To Check Out NFL Week 1 Odds At New Jersey Sportsbooks

The NFL preseason wraps up this week with all the benchwarmers from all 32 NFL teams playing on Thursday, Aug. 29.
It’s true that you can wager at NJ sportsbooks on these NFL games.
But this final week of the preseason is the time.
And, to make matters even better, DraftKings Sportsbook is offering different stage spreads for NFL Week 1. To find them, just search for the”No-Vig NFL” tab.
Using the preseason just around, teams may probably have locked in the majority of the roll up. You will have a good idea of who is prepared to begin.
Plus, you will know who will initiate the season and who is still holding out. Meaning New Jersey sportsbooks will have already corrected the Week and have exactly the information 1 lines accordingly.
Now is the time to research those traces, do your homework, where obvious winners present themselves and focus in on games.
Here’s a look at the over/under and point spread lines for many 16 Week 1 NFL games at the very best NJ sports betting apps (odds upgraded at Aug. 30):
The three games involving local teams are among the most interesting of the week.
First off, it seems the Dallas Cowboys will probably be a touchdown favorite over the Giants in Dallas. This Dallas’ franchise running Ezekiel Elliott back is still holding out.
This is a division game as well, which normally means a tighter contest. This year the Giants do not look like Super Bowl contenders, but seven factors look like a lot to get a Week 1 game with the Cowboys’ star RB missing.
Next up you’ve obtained the Jets giving up the 3 points at home versus the Buffalo Bills. This is.
Nevertheless, the Jets added running Le’Veon Bell back. Additionally, Bills quarterback Josh Allen came at last season’s end. In fact, both teams look like a bit more powerful on offense than they have been in years.
Therefore, the above 39.5 (accessible at FanDuel and BetStars) could be your best bet.
Finally, the Washington Redskins may go to the Eagles at a match with a few of the greatest week spreads.
The Eagles are the team on either side of the globe. Nonetheless, it is Week 1, therefore there’s no guarantee they will be firing on all cylinders out of the gate.
Giving off 8 to 8.5 things might seem like a lot. It’s really just an issue of how bad you think the Redskins might be.
You’re going to need to Begin You’ll Have a chance at that for those who and the NFL gaming season:
The NFL begins playing for keeps on Sept. 5 attracting about the very first of many chances to try and turn a profit betting on America’s hottest game.
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