Frank Lampard: How the Chelsea manager became the best

Frank Lampard was one of the greatest midfielders of his generation, but how did he get there? All is revealed by him to Patrick Davison on Soccer Saturday ahead of the trip to Manchester City of Chelsea, live on Sky Sports.
After starting his playing career Lampard was known for his time at Chelsea, where he made 648 looks and won a variety of trophies, including the Champions League and three Premier League names.
But how was it made by the current Chelsea manager as one of the Premier Leagues top players? Lampard himself credits his parents for his drive to be successful.
He told Soccer Saturday:Its tens of thousands of hours of effort, simple as that. I had been lucky enough to develop in a soccer family that put me a job captain, particularly from my parents, who informed me that I wont get anything in life unless I totally dedicate myself and also work and I never lost this mindset in my playing career thankfully.
I was not a saint forever because you have to be a individual, but when it comes to your job, you need to know you can only escape football what you place in. I genuinely believe it, although its a school stating.
From being a young boybeing told to run quicker round the block by my daddy, to when youre in your late 20s or early 30s and you are doing additional sprints or additional runs. These are all of the ingredients.
I remember playing against [Patrick] Vieira and his athleticism, his long legs and how he flicked the ball above my head a few occasions at Highbury and obtained it the other side, I was likewow, these amounts are things Im likely to have to try and reach.
Sometimes it wasnt nice as it seems like those gamers a thousand miles apart from you, but you attempt to close the gap, you dedicate yourself to everything you are able to improve. Every young player has the same thoughts, all of us have those days at a young age where you feel you are nowhere close and then it is up to you.
There were plenty of trophies for Lampard at Chelsea – three Premier League titles, four FA Cups, a Champions League and also Europa League only to name a couple – and that he credits his own team-mates during these years for the achievement.
Nobody can take action in their own, I couldnt, and you are as great as your team-mates on and off the pitch, he added.
Once I looked generally and the group would change slightly year on year, but we had that real core of players that you rely who have been personalities. They would stand up in the times that are difficult because it is easy on a run when youre winning comfortably and rolling bands over at home or anything, but its tougher when people question you.
You wonder if you are going to bounce back from a beat or by a lousy run and fortunately for me, once I think of those people I worked here in Chelsea, they were why we managed to win titles but also for me personally, to be a huge part of it.
We tended to [deliver in large games] and that is why I admire such enormous teams. You look at Man City and Liverpool and what theyre doing now, having been a player and knowing the expectation and needs of playing with the likes of Liverpool multiple occasions in the Champions League and seeking to perform on those tremendous nights which were so important for us all.
You realise much more when you complete that if you may create on these big nights and do some thing specific, theyre moments that live ever.
They [the huge games] naturally take you to somewhere else. I really dont believe the preparation varies, I was quite meticulous with that and that I didnt alter things moving into those games, but also the build-up with the extra media, the feeling on the morning when you awaken, the standing in the tunnel, the video the manager might show you regarding the players that you might come up against, they naturally bring up the levels with regards to the way you feel about the game.
Then when you step out with the crowd and the cameras are not there, of course it brings another level for it which can be the deciding factor for you separately or as a team of where youre likely to have to.
Now, Lampard is located on the opposing side of this white line as a manager and will be leading his young Chelsea side into the next large game as they take on Premier League winners – and among Lampards former group – Manchester City on Saturday Night Football.
But the 41-year-old doesnt need his side to be judged upon their performance in the Etihad alone.
We are playing Man City and I am not going to judge right now on that 1 game. We will be judged by me on what weve done before today, how we continue advancing we operate and where we go over a larger period.
We know that if you visit Man City or some of those huge teams which you are able to lose, but everything you have to do is give every thing rather than roll over, no matter what occurs, and you must fight until the end and provide everything you can like a team.
We will not alter our plan hugely. Many people ask if were going to go there and shield or can we go and attack but you are likely to get to defend, its about how well you do it and it is likely to be a part of the match.
There is a balance for this to get me and one thing is that we are playing well. Double and I dont want to conceal that by your players knock them theyre playing well and they should understand that.
However, the other thing is, even when you come up against these groups, you dont know whether youre going to be judged in the end of the year on these games because there are 38 matches in a season and we want to win a massive majority of them.
However, you do understand that when you come up against them , the amount of detail and the finer moments of this game is going to be the deciding factor. I attempt to inform them that theyre playing well let us attempt to look up and look to the teams that have set standards, notably Man City and Liverpool within the past two decades, and we could aspire to be everywhere near to them.
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