Ex-Chelsea youth players ‘endured racism from age 12’

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By Louis Lee Ray and Jim Reed
The Victoria Derbyshire programme of BBC
BBC News that they were subjected to racist abuse by a former assistant supervisor has been told by two Chelsea childhood players.
One stated that in age 12 – on his first encounter with Gwyn Williams – the trainer made racial remarks concerning his features.
Williams had known him racist nameshe asked him if he’d been”robbing old grannies”, also said it had been a”rarity” he went to school.
Williams denies all allegations.
Since Chelsea published a report into the scandal at August the two players were speaking out for the very first time.
Neither of them gave evidence to the inquiry, which found that the young black players were exposed to”a daily tirade of racial abuse” from the 1980s and 1990s.
Williams, the former academy manager, was called the”instigator” of racial abuse in the club.
Anthony – not his true name – told the Victoria Derbyshire of the BBC programme he was subjected to racist abuse during coaching sessions.
“I remember the very first time that I met [Gwyn Williams] he explained how large my lips werebig my nose was.”
He said Williams had made a remark about how big his penis.
“And that was my first experience. I was 12 years old.”
A participant, Kieran – also not his actual name – stated Williams regularly referred to him using language.
“I had been coming in [to training] fearful to make a mistake,” he said.
“On the pitch it influenced me because I couldn’t relax. I was thinking if I have a bad match everybody is going to say’you shameful that this’ or’you shameful that’.”
Williams rose leaving the team and joined Chelsea in 1979 as a youth development officer.
His attorney wrote to Chelsea denying”any and all” allegations of racism.
He maintained the consequences of the report revealed that they were”biased, untrue, unfair and artificial”.
The report, written from the charity Barnardo’s and commissioned by Chelsea, heard evidence of a environment that was racist.
The report – former England global Graham Rix.
It found while he”might be aggressive and bullying”, about the evidence presented to them he was not overly violent.
Kieran and anthony stated since it was compensated for by Chelsea they did not provide evidence to the question and they’d worries about its independence.
However they both told BBC News they’d discovered terminology that was racist is used by Rix.
Anthony stated Rix asked him when he had gone and had sexual intercourse with”any of our white women” in the weekend.
“I thought,’I have had enough of this’, and I said,’Yeah, I did’,” Anthony told the BBC.
“And then he said,’If that was my daughter I’d lynch you’.”
Rix was jailed in 1999 for sexually attacking a 15-year-old woman, working and being falsified as a trainer by Chelsea on his release.
He went on to manage clubs such as Portsmouth and Heart of Midlothian.
Rix’s attorney gave an announcement to this Barnardo’s inspection, denying that he had been a bully, racist or competitive.
The lawyer told BBC News Rix denied Kieran’s along with Anthony allegations.
He added the FA and the Disclosure and also Service [DBS] had researched and not put any restrictions.
Chelsea have apologised for its”deeply shocking behavior” described from the Barnardo’s report.
It said:”Barnardo’s reviewers concluded that the several accounts due to acute racially abusive behaviour towards young gamers historically were credible.
“As a club we want to apologise to all players who underwent this deeply shocking behaviour.
“We’re doing, and will continue to do, everything we can to ensure that those boys, women, people who play with this team – and really anyone who works for or with all the club will never have to survive the horrible experiences that these young players suffered.”
The two ex-players stated it’d felt hopeless to report their allegations at that moment.
They stated Chelsea had no protecting policy in place at the time, and there’d been no official to switch to using a complaint.
“I did not want to create trouble because of my parents at all, shape or form,” Anthony added.
Kieran and anthony accuse the club of trying to minimise publicity across the scandal by releasing the findings about exactly the identical day as a separate investigation into sexual abuse with a different coach decades before.
They said that they wanted a whole face-to-face apology out of the club but had been contacted directly by Chelsea because the publication of the accounts.
“I have not heard anything from anyone [at Chelsea],” said Anthony.
“So, is that merely a PR exercise? Are they sincerely sorry and going to acknowledge what happened?
“They need to talk to people, not simply put a generic statement”
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