Vegas Over/Under: 25.5

Fromal’s Record Projection: 24-58 The Bet: Under with confidence Try to name the Atlanta Hawks’ five greatest players after the offseason departures of Dwight Howard and Paul Millsap. It’s not the simplest of tasks. That would be fine if the franchise which has made the playoffs each of the previous ten seasons were overflowing with talent, as opposed to the current situation that is quite conducive to the dreaded”t” word.
Dennis Schroder is part of the mix, in addition to recently acquired big man Dewayne Dedmon. However, who else? Kent Bazemore, Ersan Ilyasova and Taurean Prince? Will Marco Belinelli or Luke Babbitt maintain the mix if they could keep shooting as they did with the Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat, respectively? Are we already prepared to throw John Collins?
This Atlanta roster might have some upside down, but it is almost entirely devoid of recognized talent. The top pieces have question marks, because Schroder hasn’t served as the unquestioned leader of a group, Dedmon has yet to play over 17.5 minutes per game and Bazemore is coming from a disappointing effort.
Talent wins out in the NBA, along with the Hawks don’t have enough of it–or sufficient motivation to avoid the bottom of the Eastern Conference–to shove the 26 wins essential for the over wager.

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