Who lives? Who dies? And other betting odds for ‘Game of Thrones’ series finale

No matter your thoughts on how the last season of”Game of Thrones” has performed, chances are that you’re going to be sad to see it end — and maybe a little angry at the manner by which it arrived at that ending. But we have arrived. And from 10:30 p.m on Sunday night, it’ll be over.
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It’s been a wild ride for the greater part of ten years, and such stories and characters have managed to seep into our everyday lives in ways we never could have seen coming. Hell, I even convinced my parents to start watching”Thrones” before the beginning of Season 7 and they don’t watch anything. In reality, I get made fun of for attempting to convince them to watch”Lord of the Rings” — they both were stabbed before Frodo left the Shire. Nownot only did they view it all of the way through until last season, but they rewatched it before the present season, and I get weekly calls from my dad, who usually calls me to bitch about Philly sports, to talk about what the hell happened from the latest episode.
That will all be over on Sunday night, following what is expected to be a wild sprint to the finish with different important characters meeting their maker in the process. Who, and how, nevertheless remains to be seen, but everybody has their own notions, such as bookmakers.
As they state in Braavos, all shows has to perish. But before this one does, let’s take a peek at some odds for what the last chapter of”Game of Thrones” has in store for us, courtesy of BetOnline.ag…

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