Tyson Fury vows to knock out Braun Strowman during Raw contract signing

Tyson Fury made his Crown Jewel match Braun Strowman Recorded.

Along with the fighter did so with a promise he fully intends to knock the Monster Among Men if the two giants go head-to-head at the case on Sky Sports Box Office.
Fury made his vow to Strowman claim the volatility will probably soon be on the receiving end of his punishing hands, true he illustrated by smashing the table in half.
Contract signings for large matches end with some form of devastation, but it had been only.
Even though Fury, who had spoken about how much his kids had been looking forward to seeing when the two came to blows on SmackDown Strowman fight, did – eventually – snap a pen.
By clicking in the movie above, see the contract signing and dont miss the complete replica of Raw at 10pm each Tuesday.

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