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WrestleMania Kickoff Show Matches

The WrestleMania Kickoff Show is set to begin at 5 PM ET and operate for two hours until the most important card starts at 7 PM ET. The Kickoff Show is now scheduled to get three games. All gambling odds are courtesy of 5Dimes:
WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match
(c)Buddy Murphy (-230)
Tony Nese (+170)
Buddy Murphy is the most underrated wrestler on the WWE roster. He has completed the cruiserweight division since winning the title from his hometown of Melbourne last year at Super Showdown. Murphy has fought every leading cruiserweight on the roster and has defeated them all. I have dubbed him”Mr. Kickoff” recently, as he proceeds to defend the cruiserweight title throughout the kickoff series for every PPV.
Murphy’s opponent Tony Nese is a former friend and tag-team spouse. He’s also just about the only other cruiserweight that buffs believe has the potential to beat Murphy. Nese got the title shot WM 35 after beating Cedrick Alexander to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament. After his big win, Murphy congratulated Tony with a boot to the face.
The WWE should look at moving Murphy into RAW or SmackDown. He’s a proven commodity within the ring and could add depth to either one of the secondary names Mustafa Ali when from 205 Live to SmackDown and has been successful. I think Murphy could do the same.
For this bet, I actually like the value that Nese offers. He’s definitely worthy of a flyer as I believe he could upset Murphy. If WWE decided to move Murphy to one of the primary displays then they are going to take the belt from him. I think there is nothing left for Murphy to achieve. He will have bigger WM moments down the road when he is fighting for different names. I am taking Nese to win in an upset.

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